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Anonymous asked: But what about STUBBLED Percy? Can you draw it please? PLEASE pls



How could I say no to such a sexy suggestion ???? 

I just realized that in spite of really liking stubbled men IRL, I barely ever draw any… This must be changed !!! 

I’m getting more an more requests to draw specific characters and situations, I’m sorry guys but I won’t have time to do them all. If I get time and inspiration, I’ll do some of them, but I can’t promise anything. I enjoy reading your messages, though ! 

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Any association with the Mockingjay symbol is forbidden.

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"Remember who the real enemy is"


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Renisha Mcbride was a 19 year old Black Girl from Michigan. On November 2nd, she was involved in a terrible car crash but survived. After the accident, she ran to the nearest house looking for help because her phone had died. She knocked on the front door and was shot in the face with a shotgun by the White Homeowner. After the murder, No Charges have been pressed against the White shooter and it is being called a justified Killing. Several Police officers and the Shooter’s lawyer have said that “He acted Properly” in shooting her. Don’t ever be fooled into believing that Racism is over.

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